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Rip-Off Company Sells Counterfeit Shirts To Bikers

Posted by Wendy Lahr-Bees on

There are tons of rip-off companies out there stealing our designs, printing them on crappy shirts and selling them to bikers! Don't let them do this to you.

Here's an example of a legit Skull Society t-shirt versus a counterfeit product (the shirt on the right).

How do I identify a counterfeit t-shirt?

Counterfeit shirts usually have small, poor quality artwork printed on the front side of a low quality, generic brand t-shirt. Often times the suppliers of counterfeit products are located outside the United States.

How can I tell that it is a genuine Skull Society shirt?

Here at Skull Society, we design, print, and ship all of our products from a small facility in Florida. We use the best direct to garment printer in the industry to print large, vibrant, and detailed designs that won't crack or fade on high quality Gildan ultra cotton t-shirts.

Don't shop at counterfeit sites! The only place to shop authentic Skull Society products is at

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