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The Evolution Of A Biker T-shirt

Posted by Wendy Lahr-Bees on

We want to give you a behind the scenes view from start to finish of how a Skull Society t-shirt is created.

First, we start with a concept, what we try to do is find a message that we, as a biker community, really resonate with. The concept behind the "Crazy Old Biker" t-shirt design came from the quote "don't mess with old bikers, we don't just look crazy". The vision for the artwork was to convey the attitude of a biker who is living life to the fullest and embracing their wild and crazy side, despite their age.

We contacted one of our talented designers who has a great eye for designing killer biker shirts. He's created the artwork for several of the shirts on including the "Therapy Is Expensive" t-shirt and the "I Ride So I Don't Choke People" design. Here's the awesome sketch he came up with:


We were blown away by his talent and very happy with his sketch. The character that he came up with completely embodied the wild spirit we were looking for. The next step was to turn the design into a digital format and add color. This is where the magic happens! We wanted the design to have bold colors that would show up on black, white, and navy t-shirts. Here's what our designer came up with:


After looking at the design in color, we thought that the motorcycle need to stand out more on the black t-shirt. The designer was able to help us by adding more blue around the motorcycle to make the bike pop on the black. The final design for both shirt colors can be see below:

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So, that's it, that's how we create each and every unique biker t-shirt on What do you think of this design? Did you enjoy seeing our process? We've just released this new design today, so you can click here and grab yours. Let us know your thoughts on this design in the comments!


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