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"Don't Mess With Old Bikers" Shirt Goes for a Ride

Posted by Amanda Hill on

You know it's going to be a good day when you come into work, check your email, and find an awesome video of a customer cruising down the road in a shirt you made.

Larry Lupole of upstate New York sent us this video of himself riding his 2016 Harley-Davidson Street Bob through the Chenango County area.

Here's what we love about this:

1) Hear that rockin' tune in the background? That's Larry! He's been playing guitar since he was a teen and played music for the service when he was stationed in Mannheim, Germany. These days he performs at local venues and has even put out his own CD. You can hear the song featured in this video on his album Classic Fantasy.

2) He's wearing our Don't Mess With Old Bikers t-shirt! Larry's wife Kathleen purchased the shirt for him from Skull Society and he saved it for this ride because he felt it fit the video perfectly. 

Huge thanks to Larry and his wife for sharing this video with us- it truly made our day. Now that one of our shirts has been featured in a music video, we guess this means we've officially hit the big time!

Do you have photos or videos of yourself wearing a Skull Society shirt? Hit us up at We always love to see how you guys are rockin' our gear.

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